Owner: Dale Hill (R.I.P.)
Ride: 1991 Mazda B2200
Hometown: West Fargo, ND
Club: No Regrets

Dale Hill represented the minitruckin' lifestyle no matter where he was geographically or financially. Having been raised on the East Coast and in Texas, and finally settling in North Dakota after completing a stint in the military, Dale's choice in vehicles was well established in any time zone he found himself. A trip to Camp-N-Drag in '09 was enough to motivate him to finish his Mazda and return the following year to debut his creation, but an unfortunate work-related accident in May of 2010 cut Dale's life way too short.

Having bought the B2200 for $500 back in the day, Dale slowly modified it as best he could, which was getting especially harder since there was a new baby in the house. He stashed a few bucks aside here and there whenever he could and eventually was able to pull the trigger on an AIM convertible kit, which was installed with some help from his friend, Brett Erickson. While leaving a local show, a careless showgoer pulled out in front of him and ended up smashing the front end-bad news for sure, but it wasn't all that terrible once the insurance check arrived. There was enough cash to not only make the necessary repairs, but there were some funds left over that Dale used to purchase a full air-ride setup. Jamie Narum of Autotronics opened up his shop to Dale so they could cover up the collision rash and hook up the 'bag system. As anyone can see, Dale was never alone as he gradually built up his Mazda, and after his passing, his friends honored his memory by taking over right where he left off.

Knowing Dale's vision of completing the truck before Camp-N-Drag, a group of dedicated pals rallied around the Mazda. Jamie even kept his shop open 24 hours some days in order to get things handled. Brett, along with Darin, Dave, Seain, and Chad of Glenn's Autobody also volunteered countless hours of prep work, while Shawn Haakenson, a fellow North Dakota buddy, drove hundreds of miles to lend his assistance with the interior. Jim Koncker stepped in to help weld the box frame and finish up the rear disc conversion, and Mike from South Carolina, donated some time to re-drill the hubs and rotors since Dale had already purchased a set of five-lug wheels for this Mazda that has become his immortal memorial.

Needless to say, Dale's buddies pulled out all the stops and constructed his truck for all to see by the time Camp-N-Drag '10 rolled around. Any guy would consider himself blessed to have such a supportive and dedicated group of friends.

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