Owner: Shawn Haakenson
Ride: 1993 Mazda B2600i
Hometown: Jamestown, ND
Club: Severed Ties

Cruising around in any type of heavily modified automobile definitely has its rewards, such as loads of positive attention and thumbs up from passing commuters who confirm a job well done.

On the flip side, driving the only 'bagged, custom-painted minitruck in a small town is sure to set off the red flags to local 5-O looking to lighten their load a few citation slips at a time.

For Shawn Haakenson, or "Geoffrey" as his friends call him after the loveable Toys 'R Us spokes-giraffe (we'll explain why a little later), being pulled over and ticketed for minor infractions such as rolling on a modified suspension, tinted windows, not having a rear bumper, blah, blah, blah, was a constant nuisance. If you name it, Shawn has probably been slapped on the wrist for it at one time or another while driving his misfit of a Mazda around the mean streets of Jamestown, North Dakota. Luckily, as Shawn's little B-2600i that he'd purchased from Kyle Bertsch back in 2004 started showing real signs of evolving into a legitimate showpiece, the fuzz stated giving him a break. Oh, they continued to pull him over, but now they just wanted to take a closer look at the truck that they had once blacklisted and penalized for being "different."

Now that Shawn is finally finished on the buildup of his first full-blown custom, he's had a chance to reflect on the positives and the things he wished he'd done differently along the way. "The best part about finally being done with my truck is being able to enjoy and show it, and also seeing ex-girlfriends break their necks as I drive by. They should've stuck around, I guess."

As for the negatives, Shawn told us, "Being harassed by the cops and breaking things from dragging too much were the worst parts during the five-year build. Also, I would've opted for a bodydrop and even gone as far as cutting a hole in the roof for my head to stick out. I get a lot of crap for not being bodydropped, but being 6'5" (hence the Geoffrey the Giraffe moniker), it makes it tough to fit inside a mini in the first place."

Now that Shawn's truck is somewhat hater-proof, at least for the moment anyway, we wish him congrats for completing his first feature truck. Hopefully John Q. Law will let him get his minitruckin' on in peace now.

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