Here at MT headquarters, we've been very fortunate for the last couple of years to be able to check out the world-wide minitruckin' scene and bring it straight to you. We've been inspired on many levels, after seeing all of the badass rides that fight the good fight of rolling low. Paul Lacey, from Calgary, Canada, is no exception. He has the same troubles with Johnny Law as the rest of us. He has the same crappy winter weather as some of our states, and he has dealt with the same frustrations of building his full-custom minitruck. Paul has gotten through it all by having one of the most important traits a minitrucker can possess, perseverance.

Every time Paul had to hitchhike because his truck had left him stranded, he became more determined not to give up. Granted, in his city, Paul sometimes "...watched the person who picked me up hitchhiking make a drug deal, you know the usual," he confided. But, hey, it's all a learning experience that makes us who we are today.

Throughout the entire two-year process, Paul had one major goal in mind, to get a feature in Mini Truckin'. His inspiration was drawn from the amazing, clean rides he had seen page after page, and year after year. Determined that his B-Series would be added to the Mini Truckin' Hall of Fame, Paul spent countless sleepless nights perfecting his would-be custom cruiser.

Even when pennies where tight, Paul had a good group of friends to help him keep his build on the right path. Granted, along the way, some expensive mistakes were made, but that was Paul's only major regret. He wished that before he jumped into such an extensive project, that he had "done more homework!" But now, Paul can write his own book on how to build one of the cleanest rides rolling the streets north of our border. For all of the specs and info on Paul's Pavement-Pounder, checkout The Lowdown.

The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 17x7-Inch Boyd Coddington Timeless
Offset: 38mm
Tires: Yokohama Paradas 205/40zr17

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Type: Airbags
Front Suspension: Slam Specialties Rs-62
Rear Suspension: Two-Link Cantilever, Panhard Bar, Slam 'Bags
Shocks: Djm
Valves: 10mm Smc Electric
Compressor: Belt-Driven
Air Line: 3/8-Inch Stainless Hardline
Frame Mods: Built New Crossmembers, New Rear Frame Clip
Gas Tank: Raised 1-Inch
Brakes: Brembo
Misc.: Two 5-Gallon Air Tanks
Performed By: Rob Balcom
City/State: Grande Prairie, Alberta

Body Modifications
Shaved: Handles, Locks, Tailgate Handle, Bed Seams, Emblems, And Antenna
Body-Dropped: 2-3/4 Stock-Floor Body-Drop
Front End: 4x4 Bumper And Valance
Back End: Custom Steel Roll Pan
Exterior Bolt-Ons: Chrome Mirrors, Clear Taillights, And Clear Corner Markers
Misc.: All-New Glass And Trim, Smoothed And Painted Bed, With An Undercoated Body
Performed By: Paul Lacey

Brand And Colors: Dupont Viper Red
Performed By: National Collision
City/State: Calgary, Canada

Seats: CRX SI Bucket Seats
Material: Gray And Black Tweed
Dash: Smoothed And Painted, Flushed Air- Ride Gauges
Door Panels: Sculpted Gray And Black Tweed
Center Console: Smoothed And Painted
Flooring: Black Carpet
Gauges: Custom White-Face
Misc.: Custom Doorsills With Club Logo, MOMO Steering Wheel

Head Unit: Alpine 7893 / Six-Disc Changer
Mids And Highs: Kenwood
Amplifier For Mids And Highs: Coustic
Subwoofers: Cerwin-Vega
Amplifier For Subwoofers: Precision Power Class 2600
Wiring/Accessories: Audio Stream

Transmission: Engine And Transmission Were Lowered To Clear The Stock Hood
Intake: K&N Cold-Air
Header/Exhaust: Pacesetter Header, 2-Inch Custom Exhaust With Magnaflow Muffler
Driveshaft: Custom-Built Two-Piece
Rearend Type: Ford Courier
Battery: Optima Redtop
Inner Fenders: Trailer Tubs
Detail Work: Thinned Out And Hidden Wiring, Smoothed Intake Manifold, Powdercoated And Painted
Performed By: J.D. Zaijeck
City/State: Calgary, Canada

Special Thanks (from owner)
My brother, Mark Lacey; Rob Balcolm; J.D. Zaijeck; Sean Savage; Tunerworks Performance; Allstar Radiator; Corey from Ill Conformity; and last but not least, my wife, Lisa, for all of her support.