Owner: Brett Taylor
Ride: 1998 Isuzu Hombre
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Club: Perfect Poise

For Brett Taylor, minitrucks weren't his first love. He was into muscle cars, even though the majority of his friends were building minis while he was off playing with beefy engines and burning mass amounts of rubber.

It wasn't until '97, when Brett wrecked his '73 Dodge Dart two-door hardtop, that he bought his first miniature hauler, and ever since then he hasn't wasted time customizing anything else.

This '98 Isuzu Hombre devoured the better part of four years of Brett's time to finally morph into what it is today. Throughout the rough 48-month process, many of the modifications had to be wrapped up during weekends so Brett could drive himself to work bright and early on Monday mornings. Cutting up a daily driver certainly has its disadvantages, but Brett considered the downfalls and leaped straight into the lengthy and tiresome commitment anyway.

Progress was slow going, and the stop-and-go time spent on the truck sometimes cast doubts in his mind, but he pressed on and pushed his Hombre through to completion.

Brett revisited the thoughts going through his head while he was in the thick of the build: "I had to balance wear and tear of the custom things I was doing to the truck since it was my daily. It was in pretty poor shape at times and nobody ever thought it would be where it is now."

The Isuzu definitely survived the worst condition of its existence while under the knife as Brett was forced to drive it on a daily basis for two years without the bed attached. Lots of other modifications were also left in "in progress" condition while the Isuzu took to the streets, which wasn't the best of planning on Brett's part but he would be the first to admit that fact. Luckily, Brett had company in the garage he secluded himself inside of throughout the duration of the reconstruction. His friends and his father were always willing to lend their assistance with whatever had to be done in the span of a weekend's time.

With the grunt-work and sketchy driving sessions behind him, Brett has finally been able to enjoy cruising and dragging his truck day in and day out. And with his religious devotion to dragging and throwing sparks, Brett isn't likely to backslide back to muscle cars and blaspheme the holy name of minitruckin'.

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