Owner: Ricky Glancy
Ride: 1990 Izuzu P'UP
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Club: No Regrets

Ever since the day he went for a ride in his buddy's slammed truck, Ricky Glancy was hooked. As he recalls, "I knew then that I had to build me one of these."

But as life doesn't always have the same plans as you do, Ricky was hit with some really hard times awhile back. He lost a really good friend of his who helped him get his minitruckin' start, and he also lost his dad. Ricky felt like he owed it to both of them to finish a truck in their memory and honor all of the good times they all shared. This late friend of his used to own an old laid out Mazda, and it was one of the first trucks that motivated Ricky to be a part of the scene.

He chose to build a 1990 Isuzu to be a little different, and he knew from the beginning that he wanted it to be a daily driver. This meant that everything on the Isuzu had to be up to par and functioning for the drives to his construction sites both near and far. Even though it may look out of place when he rolls up to the construction sites every day in a killer body-dropped mini, he just couldn't stand for the memories of those closest to him to be wasting away in his garage.

After working on this truck off and on for six years and doing most of the work himself with the help of his grandfather-right down to the paint-one lesson Ricky learned the hard way was If you want something done right sometimes you have to do it yourself. But when you are forced to take two steps backward fixing things that shouldn't have been done wrong in the first place, it really makes you appreciate what you've created that much more. Learning a ton along the way on the buildup of this home-built 'Zu, he plans to go all out on the next build and would love to build an Isuzu Space Cab.

Being a member of No Regrets for roughly five years and being around cars his whole life, Ricky has no plans on leaving the scene and sees a great future with many more projects to come. It doesn't hurt to have a wife and family who are also into what he is doing, and his daughters are often found outside with their toy tools trying to help daddy work on the truck. When asked what he thinks of the scene today, Ricky says, "I like how close everyone in the scene is, like one big family. My friends are always there to help out when needed. I'm glad to see how times have changed and everything is handmade from the front to the rear. It's cool to see people thinking out of the box."

After a long hard trip, Ricky has learned a lot and has a ton of great friends and memories to prove it! This home-built 'Zu is the perfect way to pay his respects to his fallen minitrucker brothers and his dad. Even though he's seen his fair share of ups and downs, with a killer daily driver, a great club and support from his family, Ricky is one blessed minitrucker. For more information on this killer Isuzu, scope the Lowdown.