In the world of minitrucks, sometimes standing out in a crowd is hard to accomplish. Choosing the right paint and wheel combo helps, but most importantly choosing the right truck will normally get the job done. When Kyle Gould picked up his '86 Isuzu Pup, he was on the right path to build something different. Along the way, Kyle was asked why in the world he would spend so much time and money on his Pup, but as far as Kyle could see, those things didn't matter. He had wanted something unique and that's what he achieved.

Since the truck's completion, Kyle said the best part has been seeing people's reactions to the truck. Considering he picked it up for $500 and built it in nine months, it looks like Kyle made the right decision. Even though he got it done in a short time, he still had a few issues to overcome along the way. Hence, the name of the truck. Kyle told us, "Every time I ordered something, or planned out some work to be done, I was told it would be ready in four more days. It seemed to happen so much, the theme stuck in my head for the truck."

These days, the truck can be found taking on the competition at most Southern shows, including the Havoc show in Kentucky where the truck took home the Editor's Choice award. Kyle's not afraid to drive his truck, and has taken it down the path of sparks many times. The truck is a hell of a dragger, and Kyle has been known to drift drag. We didn't really get a chance to cover that, but we think it kind of speaks for itself. So, if you're at a show near North Carolina and see a small, yellow pickup throwing sparks sideways, the chances are, you found Kyle and his Isuzu Pup.