While most minitruckers use the motto "low and slow," this is not the case for James, the owner of this blue and flashy Holden Rodeo. One might say his motto is "low and fast as Hell." When we asked James what he had learned from his build, he replied, "How to build reliable and fast motors." We wondered, why did he say motors? Why didn't he say, "I learned how to build a fast motor?" Well, as it turned out, he later told us the worst part of his build was "blowing up motors." So, like most minitruckers, apparently James' build wasn't all fluffy bunnies and good times.

Another thing that is uncommon with James is why he became a minitrucker in the first place. Everybody always has a cute story about their brother or some crazy uncle who brought them into the scene. But, James strictly said he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. He assured us that he meant it in the nicest way. After all, is it always a good thing to spend all of his hard-earned money on cars, when he could have invested it in stocks and bonds or real estate? Of course, we're just kidding. Because, like James, we'd rather blow our money on trucks, as well.