Owner: Richard Bruner
Ride: 2001 Ford Ranger
Hometown: Bella Vista, OK
Club: Definite Obsessions

This red Ranger belongs to an owner who has never customized a vehicle with a bed on it before. Richard Bruner has built up a T-Bird or two and a VW Bug but has never ventured into the world of minis before.

One modification led to another, and before he knew it, Richard found himself hopelessly entangled in what would become an eight-and-a-half year commitment.

Back in '92, Richard was introduced to custom trucks through his brother, who was in a club called Sharper Images and had friends in Perfect10s, an S-series-exclusive group. Now, Richard's friends must be the inspirational types, or they must've spread the peer pressure on real thick because a guy who's into 'Birds and Bugs just doesn't go out and buy himself a truck on a whim. Whatever the case may be, Richard became the proud key-holder to a pickup and started piecing together an intense hydro setup, but a small fire erupted, which left behind irreparable damages that set progress back a good six months. On top of that, the truck was beaten up pretty bad after getting knocked around in a nasty hailstorm. With a positive rebounding nature, a decent check from the insurance company, and a clear perspective, Richard dove right back into the deep end.

With the help of a supportive circle of friends, the Ranger began its ascent from the ashes and the rebuilding process evolved into a top priority for Richard. With an air-suspension setup now in place and the hail bruises fully healed, fresh modification ideas were quickly drafted and executed to perfection. The fleetside bed was tossed in favor of a stepside, the Ranger's surface was given a close shave before being freshly painted, and the interior was outfitted with clean tweed accents.

Yeah, Richard may have found himself in a web of commitment with his Ranger given the fact that during the rough spots and period of rejuvenation, he was still writing a monthly check to his loan lender. When asked to reflect on the eight-year path to owning a feature truck, Richard offered a heartfelt confession: "Never again will I build something that I'm making payments on. I'm sticking to a solid build plan from now on." That's a great pearl of wisdom, but when the custom bug bites, it's near impossible to side-step the venom's effect.

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