OWNER: Nathan Doyle
RIDE: 1988 Ford Bronco II
HOMETOWN: Baltimore, MD
CLUB: Lowkey

When you think of cool minitruck projects to build, the obvious choices to pick from are the S-10s, Rangers, Toyotas, and Mazdas. But for Nathan Doyle of Baltimore, Maryland, the obvious wasn't what he wanted or had in mind.

Nathan wanted to build something super clean, but unique enough that it would stand out in a show full of minitrucks or even just cruising the streets. So Nathan decided to go out on a limb and build a truck that is rarely seen, much less customized. Starting with a Bronco II as his platform for his customization he quickly learned that doing something different isn't always the easy route to take.

Nathan has had his moments with the Bronco, hence the cursed name "Emily Rose." At times the Bronco seems to be possessed just like the famed horror movie. When asked for the details Nathan mentioned that the windshield shattered twice for no apparent reason, the clutch line exploded and caught the engine bay on fire, and last but not least, the brakes gave out causing him to back into a pole and crush the rear quarter panel. In other words, it really does seem like this Bronco is possessed.

Enough about the bad though, even with a truck that didn't seem to want to get finished, Nathan has built the sickest Bronco II to date. Just look at the killer shaved lines performed by the owner and Greg Ludwig at Sinister Alley Customs, and you will see how special this Bronco really is. It would be easier to make a list of the things that are not shaved than to start listing what has been removed. And it doesn't stop there! One look at the interior and the Desoto dash crafted by Pat Hand, and you would think you where staring at a high-dollar hot rod interior. And, what truck would be complete without a killer stance? The Bronco has a 4-inch body drop and a handmade suspension that ranks this Bronco up there with some of the best trucks that have ever rolled this close to the ground.

So with the build completed and getting shot for Mini Truckin', you would think that the curse would be lifted, but no. On the way to the photo shoot, the custom-made shifter broke, and the truck refused to run like it should. Emily Rose definitely got the last word after all.

Make sure to check out the Lowdown on this truck to see all the details that went into this buildup as it is one of the most impressive builds to date. Nathan knows that it takes a ton of people to make a project this unique and this nice happen, so he would like to thank everyone involved including; Ludz, Pops, Jay, Robbie, Bill Smith, Erik, Jenn, Papa and Mama Stahl, T and all the members of Lowkey, Frank at Chesapeake Auto Body & Paint, and especially his girl Brandy for her support during the build.