Stock seats cut down and wrapped in orange suede and charcoal vinyl
Material: Orange suede and charcoal vinyl
Dash: Smoothed with custom airbrushing by Capone Designs
Door panels: Airbrushed inserts, light-up graphic on the dash, suede, and wrapped in vinyl
Center console: Fiberglass bridge flowing from the dash to the rear, holding four switches and gauges with two 10-inch JL Audio subs.
Flooring: Charcoal black
Headliner: Orange and charcoal suede matching the same stitching as the seats
Gauges: Two Auto Meter gauges in the center console with four chrome switches
Misc.: Billet Specialties steering wheel, all billet knobs, and a molded-in CD player
Performed by: Clint Jack at The Shop
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida

Head unit:
Mids and highs: Three sets of 6-1/2-inch Focal Utopias
Amplifier for mids and highs: JL Audio 300.4 in amp rack behind seats
Subwoofers: Two 10-inch JL Audio W3s between seats
Amplifier for subs: JL Audio 500.1
Wiring/accessories: Monster Cable
Custom fabrication: Custom kick panels, inserts in the doors holding component sets, moved a set of Focals on the side panels up higher, tweeter pods, and CD player molded into the dash
Performed by: Clint Jack at The Shop
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida

K&N intake smoothed and airbrushed
Header/exhaust: Flowmaster turndown
Battery: Optima RedTop
Location: Moved to the sideInner fenders: Cut out
Detail work: Plastic was smoothed and painted, inside engine compartment was painted
Performed by: Owner Chris Johnson
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida

Special Thanks By Owner:
My parents for their understanding, Jeremy Miranda, Clint Jack at The Shop, Eddie Rodriguez at E Rod Customs, Al Capone at Capone Designs, Scrape-N-Customs, Jim, Art, Bama, and all of the Aftermath Florida Chapter.