The Low Down
Rolling Attire
18x8-inch Intro Vistas
Tires: 225/35R18 Hankook Ventus St

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type:
Front suspension: Sectioned and redrilled spindles, modified spring towers for airbags
Rear suspension: All chrome parallel four-link with Panhard bar and 'bags over axle
Airbag type and size: (Front): Firestone 2600
(Rear): Firestone 2600
Control arms: Stock
Spindles/springs: Sectioned and redrilled spindles
Shocks: Monroe shocks in back
Valves: Eight Parker 3/8-inch valves
Compressors: Two chrome Viair 450s on a custom-built rack
Air line: All 3/8-inch lines
Air accessories: Custom-built rack for the compressors and 7-gallon airbrushed air tank in the bed
Frame mods: Framerails were Z'd 2 inches in front, a custom-built tranny crossmember, and a step-notch out back
Frame material: Steel
Gas tank: Custom-built by Demon Motorsports, aluminum 10-gallon tank in stock location.
Brakes: Stock
Detail work: Airbrushed 7-gallon tank with a custom-bent rack holding the air tank and compressors.
Performed by: Jeremy Miranda and Scrape-N-Customs
City/state: Fort Lauderdale and Edgewater, Florida

Body Modifications
Front bumper holes, door and tailgate handles, antenna, mudflap holes, all emblems, and third brake light
Front end: Clear headlights and side marker lights, Street Scene side view mirrors, 4x4 lower valance smoothed and painted, and Trendz billet grilles
Back end: Billet Stepside plates, Sir Michael's roll pan, and smoothed and painted bedrail caps
Taillights: '07 Ranger
Performed by: Eddy Rodriguez with E Rod Customs and the Body Spot
City/state: Pompano Beach, Florida

Brand and colors:
PPG Deep Atlantic Blue
Style: Tribal flowing through circles
Pinstriping: Crosshatched
Airbrushing: Skulls and faces run through the tribal
Misc.: Airbrushing keeps the same scheme flowing throughout the whole truck
Performed by: Airbrushing by Capone Designs, basecoat by Eddy
City/state: Deerfield Beach, Florida