Allen Bell from Charlotte, North Carolina, had already been in the scene for a while when he decided to build his '84 Ranger. Allen had already built and cruised another Ranger he had built for a bit, but nothing compares to this '84 Ranger that brings a lot of meaning to his club name, Pebble Pushers. By looking at the pictures of this red Ranger, you can see with a bumper that low Allen can push pebbles, plow snow, or move anything else in his way.

Allen started building his truck shortly after purchasing it in June of 2001. He started the tedious project of lowering the truck by stock flooring it to bring it closer to mother earth. To do this he used a '78 Toyota Hi Lux front end because nobody likes to mess with I-Beam suspensions. Luckily for Allen, the guys at Marvin Motorsports were able to lend a hand on the project and get the truck planted firmly on the ground. On the rear of the truck, they used a Pete and Jakes triangulated four-link with Slam Bags. Hellbent 1/2-inch valves and a 1/2-inch airline were used to bring the truck up to cruising altitude.

Afterwards, Allen took on the job of massaging the body of the truck back into shape. An assortment of items were shaved to smooth out the Ford's already basic design. Front wheel tubs were installed and a tailgate skin replaced the tailgate. Once all the bodywork and suspension were finished, the truck was painted in a single red color that really pops and is sure to catch anybody's eye.

With all that out of the way, Allen took the truck down to Donald's Upholstery to finish of the truck with plenty of stitching to compliment the outside of the truck. Allen said he built his truck in this particular order so nothing would get damaged or need to be redone later.