Every time we read somebody's tech sheet, we gather a few things about them, such as do they have a sense of humor, are they serious, are they boring, are they crazy? You name it, we see it in print. From reading Ben McGuire's tech sheet, we can tell the guy is very dedicated and has a crazy sense of humor, we think. Because, of course, you can't really know somebody by only reading about them.

Ben wrote that he learned a lot about the wrong way to do things, but from this he learned the right way. His story started like most peoples'. One day, in a land far away, Ben noticed a HiLux sitting on the ground, and realized he had a new reason to live. He immediately started looking for a truck to hack up, but knew that not just any truck would be good for him. He wanted something different and unique. The body lines on the Courier caught his attention, and soon he traded a VW bug for one.

A few cartons of Woodstock Bourbon later, he had started on his blank canvas. We've heard of people pounding a few beers, but Ben claims that after the first night of cutting, he decided it would be a good idea to fill up the back wall of his shed with as many empty Woodstock Bourbon cans as possible. "This, I believe, was why my truck took so long to build. And why my liver hurts every time I look at Woodstock Bourbon!" exclaimed Ben. Now that's some serious drinking.

Being patient isn't one of Ben's strongest qualities, either. It seems his good friend, Cameron, finished doing the interior on the truck and got it back to Ben. Ben decided to hurry up and rush the dash back in, then one thing led to another, and the interior caught on fire. "I got on the phone to Cameron and filled him in on my handy work. After realizing I wasn't joking, and confirming that I was an idiot, he told me he wasn't too impressed, and not looking forward to redoing some of his handy work," said Ben.

Luckily for Ben, Cameron is a good friend and was there to help him, no matter what the circumstances were. What did Ben learn from all of this? He learned how to do things the wrong way and the right way, and now he can't wait to get his hands on a new project. Like most guys, he jumped around and even had to redo some stuff, but next time, he'll be ready for a first time and top-quality job. But maybe the next time, he can keep the Bourbon to a minimum.