Built versus bought is one of the strangest arguments in the minitrucking community. To Keith Wadlington, a minitrucker out of Tucson, Arizona, it was basically a bunch of mumbo jumbo. He's shown the West Coast that you can buy a truck, as he did from Jonathan Graham, and then make it your own.

Keith will tell you right away that a lot of the work to his truck had already been completed. What's a better way to save that hard-earned money than to buy a truck that has already been started? Once Keith got his hands on the truck, he cruised it for a bit, then decided it needed to be gone through thoroughly. Keith told us he's gone through six or seven roll pans and he's rubbed more than a handful of holes in the fenders. The biggest reason for rebuilding the truck was he kept going to torque converters every six months. "Having a body-dropped truck with a V-8 isn't the greatest idea," said Keith. But he does it anyways.

The worst part, to Keith, was breaking down in the Arizona heat all the time while fine-tuning the truck to perfection. Now, Keith can be seen driving his ride to all of the local state shows. He's also been featured on the cover of Surface DVD before he even repainted the truck. "Look for me in an upcoming Domination, also!" exclaimed Keith. It seems he's been pretty popular at the shows lately. We can imagine why. At the Severed Ties show in Phoenix, we witnessed Keith do a burnout at the drag contest and it was wild. To Keith, it's all about cruising with his club, Freaks of Nature, and enjoying the shows. Keith said he wouldn't do anything different if he had to do it all over again. He's learned throughout the time he's had his truck, and it's all been worth it to him.