For many of us, the minitruck bug bites us early on in life. In fact, this affect got a hold of Robby Odom of Meridian, Mississippi, at a very young age, and he never let go. For our religious Mini Truckin' magazine readers, that name might sound familiar. Well, it should, because Robby graced the cover of our January '00 issue in an infamous group shot with his orange '94 Ranger. Robby decided that if his truck was good enough for the cover of Mini Truckin' once, why not tear it completely down and get it on another cover? Knowing he would have to make the truck look completely different than it did on the first cover, Robby set out to track down just the right people to help him achieve this rare, coveted second cover.

A color change was the first thing lined up, along with some more bodywork. That alone wouldn't be enough to look like a new truck, so the wheels were sold and a new set of billet rollers were bolted onto the newly smoothed frame and suspension. To update the interior, a dash out of a '97 Mustang was shaved, sectioned, and molded to fit the Ranger. It was also painted the body color to tie the interior to the exterior.

After some metalwork in the bed, the list of new mods had been completed. Robby proved that with the right amount of change, style, and being at the right place at the right time, you can definitely make a cover truck come back for a repeat performance.

We heard that Robby's trailer blew a tire on the way home from his cover shoot. The blowout folded one of his trailer fenders and threw the tire into the side of the bed for a little while. Whereas most people would fix the damage and continue to show the truck, Robby plans on taking his truck back apart and building a cover truck yet again! This time, he says he'll be going much further than the previous two builds. So, be on the look-out for what could possibly be three covers for one ride.