Six days equals 144 hours, if you slept for 8 hours each day, that would leave you with 96 hours. If you ate, talked with friends, or had a job to go to in that time, then you would loose roughly another 70 hours, and that would leave you with about 26 hours. We could probably subtract more hours which are spent driving and such from that equation. What's with all the numbers? Well, imagine spending 100 hours in only six days to crank out your mini in time for the biggest show in your area. That's exactly what Dave did to get his truck to Indy Truck Bash last year. It was crazy, it was hectic, but it was worth it.

"The best part was the amazing response I got for the truck, and I got a feature," Dave told us. Not bad for a guy who had never really messed with trucks before. As a matter of fact, this was Dave's first attempt at anything custom. Dave wasn't only on a rush to get his truck done; he also did about everything himself. "The worst thing was the bed, all of that damn fiberglass sucked!" said Dave. He learned first-hand that sanding sucks, but he also learned to give a lot of respect for the people who spend countless hours building rides in their garages.

The greatest aspect of the build for Dave was the fact that his girlfriend was patient with the build the entire time. Dave learned that he had a good girl on his hands, they're even engaged now! "If she could put up with the long hours, for five years, and me in the garage all of the time-then she could put up with anything," proclaimed Dave. Congratulations on the engagement from all of us at MT, and we look forward to seeing you and the family at upcoming shows.