The Lowdown

Wheels: Momo Status rims, 17x8 up front and 18x8 in the rear
Tires: Front - Toyo 215/40ZR18; Rear - 235/40ZR18

Suspension type: Airbags with engine-driven compressor
Rear suspension: Four-link, Nitro shocks
Bag size: Firestone 2600/2500
Spindles/springs: Belltech 3-1/2-inch dropped I-beams, Nitro shocks
Air accessories: 1/2-inch valves and 3/8-inch lines, twin five-gallon reserve tanks
Frame mods: Four-link rear with cantilevered airbag connection
Frame material: Stock
Gas tank: Bed-mounted 15-gallon fuel cell
Brakes: Stock
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Knoxville, Tennessee

Shaved: Windshield wipers, squirters, rain gutter, door handles, third light, taillights, license plate, rear bumper, gas filler lid, and all body emblems
Body-dropped: 3-1/2 inches by the Drop Shop in Pikeville, Kentucky
Front end: Fenders and grille shell molded together, cowl induction hood, billet grille
Back end: Fenders, tailgate, and rear pan welded together with SnugTop tonneau cover; rear fenders raised 1-1/2 inches to clear larger tires
Taillights: Maltese Cross-style
Miscellaneous: Street Beat 40-inch canvas sunroof, Lexan rear window with license plate
Performed by: Mad Mods
City/state: Hollywood, Florida

Brand and colors: Acura Silver with Pearl and Ford Black Sapphire, separated by House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl; Bonz Designs airbrushed the flames
Style: Two-tone with flame graphics
Performed by: Mad Mods & Bonz Designs
City/state: Hollywood, Florida

Seats: Stock with purple inserts
Material: Suede
Dash: Stock with additional gauges for the air suspension
Door panels: Purple and gray tweed
Center console: PlayStation 2 forward and six-CD changer between the seats
Flooring: Gray carpeting with diamond-plate floor mats
Headliner: Gray
Misc: Tribal steering wheel, billet shifter, and turn signal knobs
Performed by: Kreative Kustoms
City/state: Knoxville, Tennessee

Head unit: Alpine CD/DVD with 6-inch screen
Amplifiers: Alphasonix, 300 watts
Speakers: Two Alphasonix 10-inch subs, four 6x9 mids and highs in doors and rear quarter panels
Additional components: PlayStation 2 and six-CD player in the center console
Performed by: Dubbed Out
City/state: Knoxville, Tennessee

Engine: 4.0L V-6
Fuel delivery: Fuel injection
Intake: Aluminum cold-air intake with cone filter and stainless steel guard
Exhaust: 2-1/2-inch exhaust with Flowmaster muffler
Driveshaft: Stock
Rearend type: 7-1/2-inch Ford
Battery: Optima Yellow Top Location: Under hood
Detail work: Chrome alternator, A/C compressor, fuse box cover, oil breather, and radiator recovery tank; inner fender panels removed for clearance
Performed by: Owner
City/state: Knoxville, Tennessee