OWNER: Craig Coldewey
RIDE: 2001 Dodge Dakota
LOCATION: Victorville, CA
CLUB: Freaks of Nature

Unlike some of the privileged people out there, most of us have to work our fingers to the bone to be able to afford the extras in life. A show-worthy vehicle isn't something that just falls into most people's lap.

The majority of truck owners who have had their sacred projects featured on our pages are everyday, working class guys who bust their humps to scrape enough cash together for new parts, mods, and labor. Craig Coldewey from Victorville, California, is a prime example of a dedicated custom fanatic who clocked thousands of OT hours at his minimum-wage gig in order to purchase his 2001 Dodge Dakota. It was his determination that finally landed him a better paying job, and this red-hot hauler just happens to be the ripest fruit of his labor.

Employment at a local retail store isn't really an ideal source of income, but Craig was a student and still living at home, so it was enough for him to start paying off his freshly financed V-8-equipped Dakota. Making the monthly payment was doable, but Craig rarely had enough leftover funds to make a considerable deposit into his savings account. Having a brand-new truck sitting in the driveway was nice at first, but the desire to set his apart from the faceless crowd was constantly nagging at Craig. Without a cooperating bankroll, the only option to being able to afford a few accessories was to ask the higher powers at work for extra hours and even possible overtime in order to save up a few bucks.

The extra work on top of an already full workload is hard for some to handle, but at the same time it provided Craig with enough spare scratch to buy a new set of wheels and a few go-fast goodies. Bolt-on accessories, however, began to quickly lose their appeal, so Craig stayed on the grind and decided to stash as much money as he could six months at a time to see if bigger and better modifications were possible on his budget. To his surprise, he was able to afford a complete rear 'bag setup within the first six months, 'bags for the front in six more months, and some custom bodywork and a fresh paintjob soon followed.

Before Craig knew it, with a little hard work and patience, his prized possession had turned into a completely custom minitruck that was deserving of a feature spread in his favorite magazine. Craig informed us that he later had to sell his pride and joy to help pay his college tuition tab, but he has every intention of building an even better custom as soon as he graduates. Good luck with your classes buddy, we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! For additional in-depth tech information, scope out the Lowdown.