Continuing with the success of our multi-vehicle-themed issues, we decided that the dedication to go tandem or even "trandem" deserved this month's cover spot.

If you were lucky enough to make it out to SEMA (or even browse the SEMA coverage in the mag and online) then you might have come across what's been dubbed as "Project 6-Pack." What some don't know is that Project 6-Pack is the very same Mini Truckin' cover truck pictured here from the April 2000 issue (over a decade ago).

Both Jonn Far and Steve Francis go way back in the truck scene and remember what it was like before airbags and bodydrops. Reminiscing, "Back then, the single hardest mod that put you over the top was the tandem axle." Both of these truck owners have had a hand in these builds for the last 20 years! So what better way to pay homage to one of the first mods that started it all than to take a couple iconic minis and turn them into modern customs with a classic twist? Jonn and Steve paired all the hardcore modern-build mods with an old-school historic minitruck twist. To give you an idea of how long both these trucks and the owners have been around, check out all of these preview pics of what these trucks looked like throughout the years!

Owner: John "Jahfar" Far
Ride: 1980 Dodge D-50 Pickup
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Project 6-Pack
The Rebirth Of The Ramster

A great thing about being in a scene that has 20 years under its belt is we're at a point now where we have iconic people, iconic shops, and of course, iconic trucks.

To some of the new minitruckers, these things might seem like they're old and outdated, but for the rest of us these iconic minis conjure up memories of years past. The very first time that your mind was blown away by a truck or a particular modification, your brain holds on to that moment and files it away into the "badass" folder and never lets it go. This is the reason that many of us are here today! Some particular truck or mod really grabbed us and pulled us in.

Jonn Far, known to friends as Jahfar, has had a long- standing affair with a very iconic truck, known to most of us as the Ramster. This tandem-axle roadster was the brainchild of Todd Wilt and first graced the cover of Mini Truckin' in April 2000, a little more than a decade ago. But before we explore that in more detail, we wanted to know how he acquired the nickname, Jahfar. His answer is actually quite simple: "After about a case of beer, when you say my name, Jonn Far, real fast, it sort of sounds like Jahfar." OK, fair enough. Moving on.

When Jonn first saw the D-50 Ramster it was while Todd Wilt, the original builder, was in the process of finishing it after working on it for quite a few years. This very unique Dodge was sprayed with a bright yellow and broken up with green zebra stripes over gray negative flames. Jonn offered up his beach cruiser to be painted to match as an extra cool detail for the original cover-shoot build. Jonn was also at the cover shoot for the Ramster, helping to push the non-running truck from position to position for that perfect shot.