Owner: Gary White
Ride: '87 Dodge D-50
Hometown: Greensburg, KY
Club: 2nd to None

Sometimes you just don't need to build an insane and multi-colored truck to get our attention, as shown by this '87 Dodge D-50. It was built for a purpose and achieved. Gary White built his D-50 with two goals in mind: First, to get into the pages of Mini Truckin' magazine-and he has accomplished just that. Second, he hoped to build a clean D-50 that could collect trophies no matter what show he entered. It was a four-year project, which included trying to conjure up aftermarket parts that really weren't made for it, and several other bumps in the road. But in the end, he said it was well worth it.

Gary has had a few minis in the past; including a Bulletside Datsun, an '88 Chevy C/K, an '89 S-10, and several Dodge D-50s. Having learned a few things about minitrucks with those previous projects, Gary decided to build as much of this truck as possible with his own two hands. For the rest of the truck, he either didn't have the right tools or the knowledge to do it, but he did know the right people to entrust his D-50. For help on the suspension, he turned to the guys at Old Mac Rod Shop that 'bagged the front of Gary's truck. KLC Upholstery wrapped the seats in bone-white leather with flame stitching, and Traffic Jam was responsible for the trick sub enclosure firing into the cab from the bed. Along with their help, the truck ended up with a few mods, killer paint, and a reliable 'bag setup.

Gary said his truck is done for now. After accomplishing the goals he set out with, he is already cooking up plans on a possible makeover for the D-50. To us, this is still a killer mini, even if it isn't heavily modified or multi-colored. Sometimes simple is better, and this is one of those cases.