You would think if you asked people where are the most 'bagged trucks per capita, they would say somewhere in California or down in Florida where the sun shines all the time. Well, I am here to set the record straight. The answer has to be the little town just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee, called Dayton. I went there to hang out with some friends and shoot a couple of trucks thinking it was the mountains, so everything was going to be at nose-bleed height. Well, a quick trip down the main drag on Saturday night proved me wrong. That's where I ran into Lincoln, who owns probably one of the wildest Dakotas you will ever see. He also owns and runs his shop, Neverdun Kustoms, where he built this entire truck from the ground up.

Lincoln is not your typical minitruck builder. He started out with a Jeep, which he was enjoying just fine, when he ran into Clell Reed. Clell is one of those guys who's been in the scene forever; so long in fact, everyone calls him Paw Paw. After hanging out with Paw Paw, Lincoln bought his Dakota and was fine with just cruising it around static-dropped on some wheels. Then tragedy struck and Lincoln lost his mom in the spring of 2002. Lincoln did what any true minitrucker would do: He hid in his garage with his Dakota until he built what you see here, the first Dakota with a Magnum front clip. Yes, it's true, Linc built the first Dakota with a Magnum front clip. It wasn't built in some fancy body shop or big fabrication shop, but in a little garage in Dayton, Tennessee. Lincoln would like to dedicate this feature to the memory of his mom and her support for him throughout his many projects.