Owner: Chris Farris
Ride: 1992 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Red Oak, TX
Club: Aftermath

Nobody out there will openly admit to being a hater, and if you can attest to being one, we advise you kick back and take a life lesson from Chris Farris.

Now, we’ve all walked a show and stumbled upon an absolutely striking truck that is super clean from bumper to rollpan only to see a young kid storm into the picture, hop in, turn the key, and roll away.

The first comments to spout from your mouth would probably be something along the lines of “gee Dad, thanks for the truck” or “bet that spoiled little punk doesn’t even appreciate what he has.” Even though the first-gen Dime on this page is certified badass and is owned by a guy just 22 years of age, it was hardly delivered on a silver platter.

“I paid for the truck out of my own pocket. I don’t want to sound arrogant; I just want to let people know because people always assume daddy funded the whole build because of my age,” declares Chris. Between working a part time job throughout high school and making a little profit from a previous truck, Chris was able to stash some funds away for the right time. The Chevy initially set him back a cool five grand to claim outright ownership, and over the course of two years, Chris slowly raised and quickly spent another ten thousand clams to reach its current condition. Now, ten large is hardly chump change, but Chris did his best to stretch every dollar and make them all count, “I found the only way I could afford to do the paint was to disassemble the truck myself for the body shop. With the help of my dad and a friend of his, we pulled the motor, trans, and everything else that needed to be yanked before spray.”

When asked why he decided to work his hands to the bone and spend all his hard-earned cash on a minitruck, Chis simply stated, “I have been in the scene for a little over five years. My friends got me interested, but being in the driver seat an inch off the ground got me addicted.”

Aside from not being partial to cruising down easy street, Chris also isn’t the type of guy to take something he’s spent years and thousands of dollars on for granted. “I drove this truck to Biloxi, Mississippi, for Scrapin’ the Coast from Dallas, which is roughly a nine-hour trip in each direction, and it handled just fine.” This trek was actually a huge milestone for Chris since he drove the truck way beyond his comfort zone without a chase truck and trailer behind him the entire trip.

And as much as we’d like to say that Chris has finished his S-10, he beat us to the punch by dropping the truth down, “I wish I would’ve swapped in a V-8, and a sheetmetal dash would have been cool. You can never fully finish a truck no matter what; there is always something else that can be improved.”

If we were in the movie biz, we’d interpret that answer as an open-ended hint at a sequel. Only time will tell.