OWNER: Cody Galle
RIDE: 2006 Chevy Colorado
HOMETOWN: Belle Chasse, LA

This is Cody Galle’s second print appearance in the last two years. His Chevy Colorado was first noticed at the Lake Front Tour and shot for Truckin’ in ’09. Back then, he was rolling on a mild static drop, a set of silver Silverado SS wheels, the same simple two-tone paint, as well as a freshly wired LS2. Aside from the big powerplant underneath the hood, Cody’s truck was lounging comfortably on the mild side until the idea of shaking things up became an unbearable, nagging voice.

Although Cody’s first feature spread in our big-brother publication was enough to satisfy him at the time, it ended up leaving an incomplete feeling in the back of his mind. He knew he could build a better truck, but he wasn’t sure what more he could do to get it noticed. For starters, the factory rear bumper was finally garbage-canned, a new grille was screwed on, and color-matched wheels were bolted up, but something was still not right. Altitude—the truck just wasn’t low enough for Cody’s liking, but that would mean blasting apart a perfectly sound statis suspension setup and learning the air-ride basics. Cody arrived at a pivotal point in decision-making, and after much deliberation, he opted to rip his truck to pieces.

With some help from his dad, Cody began tearing into the Colorado’s suspension, trashing the old coils and blocks with no remorse. The carport at the Galle homestead had once again turned into a makeshift garage, but making a mess and turning a stock bore into something radical is what this father/son combo has been known to do lately. “My father has been into hot rods since he was a teenager, and we both thought the Colorado would be perfect to turn into a muscle-based, custom-looking vehicle,” explains Cody. With that, the two synced visions and turned the build’s dial up as high as it could go.

In no time at all, Cody was sitting behind the wheel of a ’bagged, LS2-filled minitruck, and better yet, his revamped truck turned out even better than he had dreamed possible. Even though tons of progress has been made since Cody’s last feature shoot, his truck still isn’t quite finished to his standards. Stay tuned.