This is S-10 #4 for Andy MacNair. Actually, he’s never owned a minitruck that didn’t have a Bow Tie attached to the grille. Chevys have run in his blood ever since his first small-sized hauler— a 1980 LUV. Andy didn’t have anyone around him who was the slightest bit interested in cutting up trucks, so he learned the basics on his own, and his talents have only improved from there.

Being a competent customizer and an automotive painter by trade, Andy is more than capable of handling nearly any automotive tweak, but he really didn’t have to after purchasing his latest Dime. He picked it up from a friend who was looking to unload it for some quick cash, and it even came with quite a bit of work already done to it. Unfortunately, Andy had to go back and debug a few problems areas. The truck ran rough, the hood and roof had suffered some damage from a previous accident on the road, and the painted interior had seen better days. Andy had to take a few backward steps before making any forward progress, but he dove into things head first.

Project Resurrection is the affectionate title Andy has given to his reworked S-10, which couldn’t be a more fitting name given its situation. Andy discovered that the work the truck’s previous owner did was solid enough, but it was the contributions of so-called professionals that turned out to be faulty. Aside from the spots of amplified road rash and craftsmanship mishaps, the beat-up little truck was limped into Andy’s garage and put up on jackstands. He tells us, “There were a lot of loose ends left undone from the bodydrop, and after redoing everything that I thought was wrong, I took my truck out for a drive only to find out it wouldn’t go past 50 mph and it had no power. It was parked in the garage once again, and I found that the cat was clogged. After I replaced it, everything has been running smooth.”

Once the problems were corrected, Andy realized that he had single-handedly healed a truck that had suffered from shoddy customizing long enough. With a head start from his friend Justin Cline and the truck’s previous owner, Kevin Powers, Andy now finds himself behind the wheel of a soundly built custom mini that breaks necks at every corner it hits. “Although I was frustrated from finding so many things done incorrectly on the S-10, it was therapeutic to spend time alone in the garage. I now have a feeling of accomplishment.”