Owner: Tony & Deanna Winick
Ride: 1989 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Greeley, CO
Club: Majesty C.C.

Tony Winick’s passion in life was custom rides. His interest was unbreakable no matter the make or model he found himself working on at any given time. Eventually, his eyes were drawn to a minitruck—an ’89 Chevy S-10 that already had plenty of one-off modifications completed. Tony quickly came to the decision to snatch up a new project and finish what had already been started. The S-10 was finished within two years under Tony’s watch, but he passed away shortly after he wrapped up the build. Deanna Winick, Tony’s wife, vowed to honor her late husband’s legacy by showing the truck that he completed just six months before his unfortunate passing.

Although the Chevy was already showing signs of promise when Tony brought it home, it still needed the right owner to come along to see the remaining work through. Shortly after taking ownership of the square-body, Tony was diagnosed with cancer but that didn’t slow his progress on the project. Although the Dime’s previous owner did tackle the majority of the frame and suspension work before selling it, Tony still had a lot of items to cross off the to-do list.

Although the bodywork and paint were previously handled before Tony had made the purchase, the interior was still lacking the finishing touches that would take the truck to another level. Tony was after a feature-worthy ride, and nothing could stop him, especially the terminal illness that threatened his very life. Tony reached for exotic, brown ostrich leather and covered the seats, headliner, and floor himself. The daunting task of wiring the entire truck also belonged to Tony as he made every single connection to get his creation on the road.

Even though Tony lost his battle against cancer, Deanna has done her best to keep his memory alive by actively showing the truck, which is a testament to his passion to the custom lifestyle. We send our condolences out to Tony’s friends and family, and we salute Deanna for her dedication to honor her husband’s most sacred pastime.