Owner: Jon & Logan Fulmer
Ride: 1985 Chevy S-10 Blazer
Hometown: Anderson, SC

Kick-back and drama-free is the best way to describe the build process that Jon and Logan Fulmer tried to keep going the whole way through. The father/son duo (Jon, 39; Logan, 14) picked up this Blazer as a somewhat modified, hacked-up project that was started by somebody who obviously wasn’t one of the best wrenches in the world.

"I normally have things built up from scratch, but after a long time with a previous project, I figured I would get a fresh start with this one," says Jon. Unfortunately, the bright idea of taking over right where the last guy left off was swiftly snuffed out, leaving Jon with a feeling of regret." After getting the Blazer home, I found out why this thing was never finished. It was going to take just as much work rebuilding and correcting the problems than it would have been starting from square one."

For most aspiring builders, this situation would be enough to put a damper on the days ahead, but being a guy able to see the bright side of a bum deal, Jon pressed on with a whole new attitude.

With a new challenge and adventure ahead of him, Jon sought out a few sets of dependable hands to help straighten out the kinks that plagued the beat-up Blazer. After bouncing around to a few locations, Jon saw an auto shop savior in Palmetto Rod Worx, as he was quite positive they would be able to handle most of the necessary modifications in-house, plus they had a strong, positive reputation in the East Coast custom scene. "The first thing we did to the truck while at Palmetto was to finish off the chassis. After that, we spent about two months on sheetmetal and bodywork to get it ready for paint. I was able to learn a few new tricks during the build, and my level of comfort with welding and sheetmetal work skyrocketed." From that point on, the build started to pick up a pace that is comparable only to that of a jet-fueled frenzy.

With everyone’s spirits lifted, the Blazer was back on track to becoming more of a beloved project then a nagging burden. Aside from watching the overall condition of the resurrected Chevy beginning to peek through the rust, the load of worry and frustration lightened, and Jon started to notice something very special happening. "My son was now old enough to come out and help in the shop, so I consider having this bonding opportunity the best part of our truck’s success."

Although the Blazer did end up having to be rebuilt from the front fenders forward after it had already been completed due to an untimely accident, the crew rolled with the blow. We’ll let Jon complete this story with a few words since ours might not truly capture their impact: "We respect people who love this scene and go to shows and build their rides for the sake of enjoying themselves. I don’t care for ones who like drama. I want to say thanks to my friends who helped out and that I’m truly looking forward to cruising to shows with my son this season and just having fun."