Owner: Kyle Golden
Ride: 1997 GMC Sonoma
Hometown: Covington, GA
Club: No Regrets

Kyle Golden used to be into big trucks, but the last three years have been dedicated to 'bagged minis after he rolled his lifted rig on four different occassions. But taking on a whole new type of truck and lifestyle hasn't exactly come without a fair share of hiccups. Going into the build of his first low-riding, street-scraping ride, he encountered a few bumps in the road but none that were serious enough to slow his new passion.

The first mod Kyle made to his Sonoma was the Suicidedoors five-link back half, but once it was welded into place he noticed that the rearend was bent. The hunt for a new and straight driver axleshaft was on, but he had to go through seven different axles before he found the right one. "Obviously, not one person that attempted to help me out knew the difference between 2WD and 4WD parts," says Kyle, describing his first real headache.

The second instance is actually pretty funny, and we're sure you'll find the twisted humor in it once hearing the story directly from him. "I know this is going to sound weird, but the worst thing that happened along the way was when the truck rearended itself. The bed was off at the body shop all tacked up and ready for primer. It was sitting on a bed stand in front of the truck and someone cranked the truck in the shop. Little did this person know, the new clutch rod setup was all custom with no safety switch. The truck was in First gear and quickly took off through the shop running right into its own bed, throwing it into a Chevelle that ended up falling off the jackstands it was rested on." With what sounds like a worst-case scenario for Kyle's truck only ended up resulting in a slightly dented rollpan and a busted radiator and core support.

Kyle quickly experienced the opposite end of the construction spectrum as soon as his truck returned home from the shop. "The best part of this whole thing was being able to build the truck with my dad. It was awesome to get to go out to the garage every night and just hang out with my pops. He always had lifted trucks growing up but I got hooked on air ride, and looking back, I could never trade anything for the moments we shared in that garage." But between bouncing around from classes at Georgia Institute of Technology and taking care of life's other time-stealers, Kyle had to really space out the time he could spend working on his truck.

With his first 'bagged project done for now, Kyle is already looking into his truck's future by planning a bodydrop, which would really take his already slick GMC into another dimension. Reflecting back on the last two and half years, Kyle can admit to taking a few pieces of information with him. "It's worth it to take your time and do everything right the first time. I have gained so many skills through the building of this truck and I can't wait to do more on the next one."