Owner: Sean Murphy
Ride: 1987 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Stillwater, OK

Sean Murphy is the installation manager for Kicker, which means he oversees multiple builds each year, but the vast majority of the projects that leave the company's Stillwater, Oklahoma, facility happen to be cars.

Being a minitruck fiend before he even had his driver's license, Sean came to the conclusion that a build involving a vehicle with a bed was in order.

In a brief but hectic four-month period, Sean's '87 S-10 was placed under the knife. New parts were flying in from every corner of the country, and a whole new demeanor started to surround the lowly $500 project truck. With Sean's experience, and the support of the Kicker crew, the Dime was quickly taking shape and showed promise of being a well-qualified representative of the team's capabilities.

Since the original tailgate was trashed and unusable, Sean found himself waist deep in rejected metal at the local salvage yard. After hours of digging and pillaging, he unearthed a mint-condition tailgate that he envisioned to be skinned smooth and added to clean up the S-10's rear end. After dropping in on fabricator David Adams and telling him about deleting the raised Chevrolet logo, David adamantly voiced his disagreement. Sean recalls, "I said I don't care-I don't like it, skin that tailgate smooth! I left David's shop, and to be a jerk, he cut out the logo and stitched it in backwards. He hid it from me until it was too late to redo it before its debut show. Don't ever leave a fabricator to his own devices."

With the practical joke permanently stamped in metal, the build continued with a sense of humor that lasted throughout the remainder of the process. Sean was able to break out his painting equipment after years of not doing so and got right back into gunnin'. He admitted that spraying his truck was both the best and worst experience while reconstructing his Dime, since he had been out of practice for so long. Sean stuck through the relearning curve and applied a classy, clean two-tone design to the Chevy metal that will stay fresh for years to come.

With the build complete, we were surprised to hear a certain stinging comment leave Sean's mouth. "If I could start over and do something different, I wouldn't have built an S-10. It seems like there is a lot of animosity toward them, but I've always liked the square-body."

We agree that some people get tired of seeing Dimes, but let's face it, they are the most commonly customized minitruck on the planet.

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