Owner: Don Vollmer
Ride: 1995 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Godfrey, IL
Club: Negative Camber

If you flip through the pages of this or any issue of Mini Truckin' or stroll through the parking lot of your favorite minitruck show, you might think that many of the trucks belong to just some kid.

For the most part, you're probably right. The majority of the trucks we run here belong to young whipper-snappers, but that's not the case for the owner of this insanely detailed S-10.

Without throwing the owner, Don Vollmer from Godfrey, Illinois, completely under the bus, let's just say he is old enough to be our dad's younger brother, at best. But talking to him about his truck, you would think he was just another 25-year-old guy who just loved his minitruck. See, it's not all about the age of the typical minitrucker-it's the mindset. That's one thing that Don has going for him: He put his mind to building not only a cool minitruck, but an insanely detailed one at that. Now, at first glance of the exterior you'd probably do like we did and walk right by it and pass it off as just another 'bagged S-10. But if you take the time to look a little deeper, you'll find a hot-rod-style leather and suede interior with some color-matched parts and billet everywhere. This isn't your typical "imitation suede and leather" you find in a lot of trucks-this is the real stuff. You can smell the truck from over 20 feet away, just like the aroma of a new baseball glove fills the air.

After you're drawn in by the really clean interior, you might take a walk around the back of the truck and peek under the custom-made tonneau cover only to find even more leather, suede, and smooth paint to match the interior. Lean over and peek through the sheet of clear plexiglass covering the rear axle and framerails and you'll see a chrome axle and four-link and a boxed and smoothed frame painted to match the body color. It makes you wonder: If the main frame section through the bed is this detailed, how does the rest of the underside look? We climbed under the truck only to be even more blown away by the miles of chrome parts and completely smooth frame. If it can be unbolted from the frame, it received all sorts of TLC. This is one minitruck that belongs sitting on a turntable over mirrors at one of those big indoor hot-rod shows. After checking out all the pictures, we're sure you'll agree.

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