Owner: Sean Hendricks
Ride: 2001 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Club: Damage, Inc.

Pretend for a minute that you've just checked your truck, which is about 85-percent complete, into the shop for a few exterior mods and a fresh color dip that will finally push it past its ever looming "almost there" status.

Life couldn't get any better, right? Well, before you go booking a room and planning its maiden truck run, you'd better sit down and pay close attention to one unfortunate minitrucker's account of just how quickly a joyous occasion can get shot to hell.

Meet Sean Hendricks. He's an average working-class guy from Benbrook, Texas. He found himself in the aforementioned scenario, and instead of receiving a phone call notifying him that his prized pickup was finally ready to take home in pristine condition, he was told a tale of true horror. Apparently, Sean's truck, the first automobile that he inked a deal on and paid off, was illegally lifted from the shop's premises and taken on a joy ride where it met its premature, cataclysmic demise. Crash! Boom! Smash! Totaled! Reduced to nothing more than a steaming metal carcass, Sean's S-10 was deemed unrepairable and was facing its fate to be cast away to some desolate junkyard deep in the heart of nowheresville. When the insurance company finally coughed up a check for the damages, Sean knew exactly what his next vehicle purchase would be, and he didn't need to go through the hassle of poring through classified papers or clicking on "for sale" posts online to find it. Sean bought back his now twisted pile of junk without hesitation and kick-started its reinvention in genuine minitruckin' style.

The first phase of the rebuild consisted of completely tearing down what was left of what used to be a clean, well-maintained ride. Funny enough, Sean was given a nice head-start due to the fact that his mini was already helpfully mangled. All-new crossmembers had to be constructed, and a full suspension system needed to be designed and fabricated due to the truck's impromptu introduction to a curb at 45 mph. In hindsight, Sean admits that his S-10 is in better condition now than it was before it was rocketed toward oblivion, and for that he'd like to thank the half-wit responsible for the wreck. The truck now features one-off control arms and a two-link setup courtesy of Nfamus Air Suspension. Sean even did a little hacking of his own and bodydropped his miniature Bow Tie 3 inches. Of course, the long-awaited paint scheme was finally laid and sprayed, which concluded the complete reincarnation that seemed almost impossible and unheard of from the get-go. Being a proud member of the club Damage Inc. seems fitting.

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