The Lowdown
Rolling Attire

Wheels: 20x8.5 Bonspeed Intense (front) / 22x10 (rear)
Tires: Continental Conti 2 255/35ZR20 (front) / 295/30ZR22 (rear)

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Airlift Dominator 2600 'bags and mounts
Suspension (rear): Airlift Dominator 2500 'bags hung with an Intense Kustum two-link with Panhard bar
Control Arms: Reworked stocks to clear the steering shaft
Air Accessories: Three 5-gallon tanks mounted inside bed
Frame Mods: Entire frame painted satin black and all arms and suspension parts powdercoated silver and black by Astro Powdercoat and Chrome
Brakes: Rear converted to discs with slotted/crossdrilled rotors
Performed By: Owner and Intense Kustums

Body Modifications
Shaved: The usual suspects
Custom Mods: Hitech 13-inch third brakelight flushed into the cab top and back window dropped down 1 inch to make window line match better
Hood: Custom-made cowl-induction hood made of three stock hoods by Cary and Fonze at IF
Back End: Cut off and reworked to fit the factory curve of the Cadillac taillights that are flushed and turned upside on the opposite sides; entire bed welded shut and a trunk compartment made out of the back area, accessed by a 14-inch actuator
Bodydrop: 2.75 inches
Bolt-ons: GMC Envoy front end, M3-style mirrors, HID high and low beams
Performed By: Brad at Intense Kustums, and Cary and Fonze at IF

Brand & Colors: Base color is House of Kolor Kandy Brandywine with custom-mixed Bone Kolor Kandy and House of Kolor Silver Gangster metalflake
Misc.: Over 500 hours of taping, painting, layering, airbrushing, and striping spent before two gallons of Glasurit euro clear was applied
Performed By: Jerry Kransler of Jerk Designs

Seats: Cut down and reshaped stock S-10 seats
Dash: Painted pieces, dash, and door trim painted by Jerry Kransler of Jerk Designs
Gauges: Auto Meter Phantom series
Misc.: Fiberglass enclosure and amp rack painted, entire truck coated in Scosche Accumat, dash and rear panels shaved of all ducts and grilles, everything wrapped in bone-colored vinyl and accented with brandywine suede and vinyl throughout
Carpet: Bone-color Mercedes wool carpet
Performed By: Intense Kustums and Ramon Vasquez of The Upholstery Zone

Gear: Planet Audio amps and subs
Misc.: Entire extended cab turned into fiberglass enclosure
Performed By: Owner and Intense Kustums

Engine: Tuned Port Injection V-8 puts out 430 hp
Header/Exhaust: Hedman headers JetHot-coated, custom 3-inch stainless exhaust with stainless MagnaFlow muffler
Transmission: 700R4 with manual valve body and Corvette servos
Rearend Type: 1996 fullsize Chevy 1500 12-bolt narrowed 5 inches and filled with an Auburn Posi unit and 3.90 gears
Detail Work: Block painted with custom-mixed Brandywine high-heat paint, everything else polished chromed, or powdercoated; Billet Specialties valve covers and wire holders and custom stainless intake by Jaime (Fabtech); Billet Specialties Tru Trac serpentine system, Powermaster alternator rewound to 185 amps
Radiator: Custom aluminum two-core radiator
Performed By: Steve Morrow and Intense Kustums, Fast Intentions, and Hoopers Rear Ends

Special Thanks From Owner
"My girlfriend Mary for putting up with my car/truck addictions, Jerry Kransler for his wild paint ideas, Steve Morrow for my wild motor, Ramon Vazquez, Jesse-Astro, Jeff Betencourt at Planet Audio, Johnny O for letting me borrow his wheels for much longer than needed, Continental Tires, Cary Iacinno, and Fonze at IF."