Owner: Brad Haber
Ride: 1996 Chevy S-10 Ex-Cab
Hometown: Chatsworth, CA

Everyone is familiar with the whole "built not bought" sentiment that is attached to owning and showing a custom vehicle, but it is especially important in the realm of custom trucks.

Minitruckers strive to be different and we don't flinch when it comes to completely tearing down our rides to start from scratch, and in our opinion, that makes us the craziest of the crazy.

Brad Haber may just be one of the craziest of the bunch, as he ripped apart this S-10 he had purchased because there was already some pre-existing fab work done to the truck. Some buyers may have embraced the modifications if they were well done, which they were in this case, but Brad needed to be behind the wheel of something that he hand-built from start to finish. He gutted the IF Customs-built two-link setup, tore off the bed and cab, and reworked the entire truck to his stringent standards. It may seem a bit extreme to hack up a truck that was built with sound workmanship, but when it comes down to it a custom truck should reflect its builder/owner. When asked, Brad confirmed our assessment: "I couldn't have a truck that someone else did and call it my own."

Now that we know just what type of guy we're dealing with here, it's no surprise to see what he planted underneath the hood-a V-8 small-block that Brad has uses to blow away Camaros and Fox Body Mustangs with ease. In fact, smoking those gearheads in his full-custom S-10 gives him the most pride about totally reconstructing his already redesigned ride.

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