Owner: Jorge Pavlovich
Ride: 1987 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
Club: Street Outlawz

Born and raised north of the border in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 23-year-old Jorge Pavlovich fell in love with truck customizing at a very early age.

As his parents' trucks kept getting bigger and bigger, Jorge kept begging to drop lower. At 18, he came across a partially built 1987 Chevrolet S-10 in Oshawa about two hours away. He made the trip and purchased the truck on the spot.

He immediately brought the S-10 to his friend George Miljevic who 'bagged it and planted it firmly on the ground. Next step was to prep the Chevy for paint. All of the factory annoyances, including the door handles, tailgate, firewall, mirrors, gas door, and turn signals, were shaved smooth. With the body smooth, the first-gen received a stunning coat of House of Kolor Sunrise Pearl.

As with most custom trucks, there were minor setbacks throughout the building process. The first air suspension setup kept blowing 'bags and it took three different setups to get everything dialed in and working properly. Jorge was inspired by full-custom minitrucks for years, and being from Canada and a fan of nice audio setups and race-inspired customs he took all of these cues and rolled them into one clean, custom package. To be a little extra creative, Jorge added a custom bedcover with a pop-up box housing the essential rear taillights. Touch a switch and they disappear for the sleek cruising appeal. The next step came under the hood where the motor was reworked for the cruising speeds on the busy Canadian highways.

As a contractor for an emergency response team in Canada, Jorge knows the importance of combining the proper ingredients to make the right fit. "I had to make everything perfect or I would have ripped it apart and started over," Jorge tells us.

A proud member of Street Outlawz in Canada, Jorge's goal is to show that Canada can ride low just like the States. "Minitruckin' knows no boundaries," he says with a grin.