Rolling Attire

Wheels: Boyd Coddington Nemesis
Tires: Nitto 245/40/18

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: Firestone 2600s
Suspension Rear: Sleeve 'bags with custom bridge
Control Arms: Stock de-humped lowers and pie-cut uppers
Compressors: Oasis XD 3000 filling up 22 gallons of air
Frame Mods: Round C-notch and custom-bent bridge
Performed By: Dave Bosse from Afterhours Fabrication

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, antenna, wiper cowl, gas door, third brake light, stock Xtreme body kit, shaved tailgate handle, shaved chrome strips on Envoy bumper
Body Mods: One-off side-opening tailgate, Envoy front-end swap, Inalfa electric sliding ragtop, Grand Prix third brake light in tailgate, slanted license-plate box
Performed By: Ricky Quincy

Brand & Colors: Stock Isuzu metallic brown
Performed By: Ricky Quincy

Seats: Leather Envoy seats with cut-off headrests
Dash: Smoothed and painted with the dip on top shaved
Gauges: Molded triple-gauge pod with three KP gauges
Misc.: One-piece sheetmetal headliner, custom billet rearview mirror shaped as a Tootsie Roll, moved climate controls into the side airbag spot, smooth door panels with the pockets shaved, all interior plastic smoothed and painted, one-off center console with 7-inch screen, and miscellaneous billet accessories
Performed By: Ricky Quincy, owner, and Jen

Head Unit: Alpine in-dash DVD player
Mids & Highs: JL Audio
Subwoofers: Three Diamond Audio 12s
Amplifiers: Diamond Audio
Misc.: Fully fiberglassed enclosure to hold three 12-inch Diamond Audio subs
Performed By: Three shops that didn't know what they were doing then refinished by owner with help from Ricky and Junior Quincy

Engine: Stock 4.3L
Intake: K&N cold-air intake
Header/Exhaust: Flowmaster with dual turndowns
Misc.: 220-amp alternator and Optima YellowTop battery
Performed By: Owner

Special Thanks From Owner
"Dave at Afterhours Fabrication, my parents, my fiancée Jen, Danny for painting the air tank, Ricky and Junior Quincy, all my club members of Aftermath, Sikness Video, Layed Out Video, Suicide Doors, and S-10 forum, and Mini Truckin' magazine."