Owner: Joe Prete
Ride: 2000 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Club: Aftermath

Joe Prete always wanted to do something truly unique to his 2000 Chevy S-10, but let's be serious here, what haven't we already seen done to a Dime?

Since the almighty S-10 happens to be the most widely customized mini on the road, there isn't much room left for jaw-dropping individuality. Or is there?

Joe happens to be a fan of simplicity, which is why he crafted his truck's exterior to be as clean as can be. Although having a timeless-looking ride is fine and dandy, where does the actual creativity shine through on a truck as minimally styled as Joe's, and where is inspiration drawn from? Joe and his pals were pondering these exact questions when, all of a sudden, magic struck. When asked what type of air tank he was going to select, Joe's response was simply something black and boring. His friend, Brian, suggested that he think outside the box and custom-paint it to look like an everyday cylindrical item like a battery or an item that anyone would quickly recognize. After tossing a few ideas around, they made their way into the wide world of candy, where they brought up and quickly rejected ideas of painting the tank to resemble a roll of Smarties and nearly decided to mimic the look of a package of Rolos. After vetoing almost every cylindrically packaged sugary snack that has been introduced to the American sweet tooth, the most obvious candidate finally came to mind. The Tootsie Roll, being a classic and widely known treat, presented itself as the ideal source of inspiration due to its mass appeal and retro-cool wrapper.

Once the loose theme for the truck was set in paint, Dave Bosse, from Afterhours Fabrication, wanted to devise a unique bridge that would complement the tasty tank. A small network of tubing was bent and curved to add some extra flair, but when the last tack weld was made, the guys took a step back and inspected the craftsmanship. The formation was in good structural form, but Dave's sculpturing left an impression that wasn't quite as appetizing as the little chunk of chocolate it was inspired by. Cow intestines. That's what the web of tubing initially looked like to them, but once the Tootsie-color-coordinated paint was applied, the landscape was sure to satisfy any custom lover's cravings. Dialing it down a little and with everything from the interior to the suspension paint now matching the Tootsie theme, it was a simple yet unique build they could all be proud of.

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