Rolling Attire

Wheels: Colorado Custom
Tires: Toyo

Chassis Modifications
Suspension: Air suspension
Control Arms: Mob Shop
Compressors: Viair
Air Accessories: Firestone airbags, air tank
Frame Mods: Notched
Performed By: Nino Brown of The Mob Shop

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door Handles, full rear skin, hood pissers, and antenna hole
Body-dropped: Fixed by The Mob Shop
Body Mods: Shaved tailgate and one-off all-metal bed lid
Bolt-ons: Envoy front end
Performed By:
Lambie at Kal Koncepts

Brand & Colors: House of Kolor Afternoon Delight custom-mixed by Dion with silver mini-flake, candy Oriental Blue, candy Magenta, House of Kolor Green, candy fade on the boomerangs' pink to purple
Performed By: Kal Koncepts and Air Syndicate

Seats: Ford Flex seats
Dash: Custom-shaved and painted
Floor: Shaved and covered with Line-X
Misc.: Custom center console, box, and amp rack by Rich from Noise
Performed By: Rich from Noise

Head Unit: Sony
Mids & Highs: Sony
Subwoofers: Sony
Amplifiers: Sony
Misc.: All Sony gear, Sony SEMA vehicle
Performed By: Rich from Noise

Detail Work: Cleaned and painted
Misc.: Wiring done by Honda John
Performed By: Honda John and owner

Special Thanks From Owner
"Couldn't have built this truck without Lambie, Nino Brown, Craig Fraser, Bill from Colorado Custom, John Hall, and Nick Dall from House of Kolor in the short amount of time, helping to keep Kal Koncepts on the leading edge. Last but not least, Cadillac Craig for selling me the truck for a C-note."