Owner: Todd Honer
Ride: 2002 Chevy Blazer
Hometown: St. Libory, IL
Club: Severed Ties

We don't mean to put Todd Honer on the spot by any means, but he's a bit older than the average minitrucker.

At age 45, Todd has witnessed the scene mature since its days of incubation, which has given him a truly insightful take on building a truck of his very own (his second feature truck in the past few years). Wanting a nice cruiser, Todd kept his Blazer simple with a basic two-tone paint scheme, a clean set of rollers, and a minimalist approach to capturing the attention of custom lovers far and wide. In actuality, Todd considered that his age is one of the most obvious "wows" that most onlookers take note of when admiring his truck, but the mid 40s isn't really that old. Todd could be spending his time customizing a standard-issue OG (old guy) car like an Oldsmobile or Buick, but his favorite hobby is keeping him young at heart at the very least.

Another "wow" response that Todd associates with his freshly completed Blazer is the assistance he received from companies along the way. If you've ever seen or heard his truck in person, then you'd know that it's a regular rolling audio assault vehicle. Todd has ample amounts of Powerbass, Scosche, and XS Power stuffed inside the rear cabin of his Blazer for yet another thing to wow those taking a closer look inside the cabin. Center Line billet wheels provided the wow stance that accentuates the Blazer's body-laying stance. What's even more appealing is that Todd was able to maintain the factory climate control units and seating for four while still being able to fully tuck the 20/22-inch rolling combo.

Todd was continually surprised with the help he received from his close circle of friends and family. Long days spent in the shop became a normal activity, and always having a group of capable buddies around ensured that not one minute was wasted while wrenching away. When yet another day in the garage came to a close, Todd found himself constantly stepping back, admiring the progress, and "wowing" about how each and every modification was coming to life better than he could've imagined.

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