Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20x8.5 Boss 338s
Tires: 245/35ZR20 low-pros

Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: Suicide Doors upper arms, Belltech drop spindles, modified lower arms, Power Performance ball joints, and notched frame for tie-rod clearance
Rear Suspension: Custom-built four-link
Airbags: Slams Specialties RE-7s
Control Arms: Suicide Doors uppers, modified lowers
Shocks: Monroes in back
Valves: Eight 3/8-inch SMCs
Compressors: Two Viair 450s
Air Accessories: Three gauges in A-pillar pod, 175-psi switch
Frame Mods: Back-halved using 2x3 tubing, frame is the air tank, floor is almost all stock
Gas Tank: Stock with custom mount

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, antenna, emblems, tailgate, body seams, turn signals, roll pan with tag box
Front End: 1994 GMC grille
Back End: Grant Kustoms rollpan with tag box
Exterior Bolt-ons: Grant Kustoms fullsize smoothie bumper
Performed By: Owner

Brand and Colors: PPG white, three shades of pearl up top
Pinstriping: Freehand on hood and gate, custom-mixed blue
Airbrushing: Chrome graphics and skulls
Performed By: Brian "Lost Cause" Walker

Seats: Stock front bench, stock rear seat (sectioned 4 inches)
Material: Blue leather and suede
Door Panels: Stock, covered in leather and new carpet
Flooring: New blue carpet
Headliner: Blue leather and suede (same design as the seats)
Gauges: Airlift air gauges
Misc: Leather-wrapped speaker pods in floor and sub box covered
Performed By: Big Body's Custom Interior

Head Unit: Dual DVD player
Mids & Highs: Polk 6.5-inch components in the floor
Amplifier for Mids & Highs: Hifonics 7-channel
Subwoofers: Kicker CVR 12-inch
Custom Fabrication: Fiberglass kick panels and custom-ported box and panels to hide everything
Misc: Kinetik 1600 battery hidden in back
Performed By: Owner and friends

Intake: Polished cold-air
Header/Exhaust: Flowmaster
Battery: Optima RedTop (stock location) and Kinetik 1600 hidden in sub location
Inner fenders: Removed
Misc: Modified AC blower box, kept stock A/C

Special Thanks From Owner
"My wife April, my daughter Haleigh, my dad, Lost Cause, Big Body, Jimbo, Alex (the Mexican), David (Poofy Hair), Gooch, Keebler, Josh, Cody, Zach at Grant Kustoms, Don Shagwell, all my club brothers, and anyone I may have forgotten."