Rolling Attire
Wheels: Verde 20-inch
Backspace: 45 mm
Tires: Nankang 245/35ZR20

Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: All handbuilt between the framerails, so 4x4 still works
Rear Suspension: Four-link, C-notch, and custom bridge
Control Arms: Modified factory control arms
Valves: Eight Air Lift Easy Street 3/8-inch valves
Compressor: Engine Driven
Brakes: Rear disc brakes
Detail work: Everything painted
Performed By: Owner at Sparky's Hardcore Customs and Mike Bratcher

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, tailgate handle, antenna, hood squirters, windshield wipers, third brake light, top front step pads, handbuilt rear one-piece rear roll pan, taillights
Taillights: 1993 Caddy Taillights
Exterior bolt-ons: Low-profile bed cover, ram-air hood, and SS mirrors
Performed By: Owner at Sparky's Hardcore Customs

Brand and Colors: DuPont Victory Red, Pontiac Bright Silver, and Neon Green striping
Airbrushing: Shadows below flames and diamond plate on inner rear fenders, glovebox, and speaker box
Performed By: Tony Olgesby of T-Customs

Seats: Gray and red leather with flame stitching
Dash: Fully shaved, smoothed, and painted red
Door panels: Smoothed, painted red, silver, and pinstriped
Center Console: Handbuilt fiberglass
Misc: Billet window cranks, steering wheel, dash speaker grilles, defrost vent, dash grab handle, and headliner grab handle
Performed By: Owner at Sparky's Hardcore Customs

Head Unit: Pioneer Premier
Mids & Highs: Pioneer Premier
Amplifier for Mids & Highs: Pioneer Premier 600 watt
Subwoofers: Pioneer Premier Competition 12-inch
Amplifier for Subwoofers: Two Pioneer Premier SPL 3000
Video: Pioneer Premier roof-mount widescreen
Custom Fabrication: Fiberglassed speaker box with 3-D skull
Performed By: Owner at Sparky's Hardcore Customs

Transmission: Four-wheel-drive fully functional
Driveshaft: Aluminum 6-inch
Inner fenders: Welded trailer fenders with smoothed backs
Detail Work: Some paint

Special Thanks from Owner
"My Mom and Dad , Tony Olgesby of T-Customs, Mike Bratcher for all his help, my girlfriend Whitney, and all my friends that helped."