Owner: Ben Nester
Ride: 1997 GMC Sonoma
Hometown: Spring City, PA
Club: Grounded 4 Life

When walking around the showgrounds trying to find feature trucks and trying to spot some of the new and upcoming trends, we sometimes walk right by a truck that deserves more attention.

Trucks like that exist everywhere and very seldom get the exposure they deserve. That's exactly what happened when we first spotted Ben Nester's 1997 Sonoma. It was sitting at a show we were covering and while running through trying to grab the show coverage, we snapped a photo of it and moved on to the next truck thinking this nice-looking red GMC was just a super-clean Dime.

Coming back around and taking a second glance we were instantly grabbed by the painted and detailed V-8 squeezed between the trailer fenders and thought, "didn't see that one coming." Then our eyes were drawn into the interior and thought the same thing with the one-off fiberglass dash and console and a super-clean sub box built into the console. All these clean, custom additions were sprayed with some bright red paint and there were tons of detail accent pieces scattered throughout the interior. Next it was on to the bed where we first noticed the one-of-a-kind single 'bag setup, and a ton of sheetmetal bed work. After seeing how much detail this "mild mannered" truck had, we knew we had to track down the owner and line up a photo shoot for the world to see. Ben was quickly tracked down and the shoot was locked in.

After talking to Ben during the photo shoot, we found out that his favorite part of the truck is the rear suspension. He gets more comments on it and the smoothed out bed than anything else. When asked if there was anything interesting that happened during the three-year build, he laughed and said that he had lost several girlfriends because of the truck and spent way too much money. But in the end, he has one amazingly detailed magazine worthy truck and finally found the right girl that understands Ben's passion for trucks. This just goes to show that the next time you're walking around a show and see a simple, clean exterior of a truck, don't judge a book by its cover. Take the time to walk around it and appreciate every little hidden detail because you never know what you might find. For more info on the mods performed on Ben's Sonoma, check out the Lowdown.