Rolling Attire
Wheels: 17x8 Centerline Voltage
Tires: 205/40ZR17 Ventus

Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: Pie-cut control arms
Rear Suspension: Adjustable SD four-link
Airbags: Front: Firestone 2,500-pound Rear: Firestone 2,600-pound
Valves: GC 3/8-inch
Compressors: Two Viair 450s and a Viair 380
Gas Tank: 15-gallon fuel cell
Detail Work: Smoothed front clip, painted
Performed By: Matt Krawchyk and Jimmy Neeld

Body Modifications
Shaved: Handles, locks, antenna, side marker lights, taillights, bed seam, cowl panel, firewall, tailgate
Frenched: Rear license plate in roll pan
Body-dropped: 31/4-inch stock-floor
Front End: '72-'76 Chevy Luv
Taillights: '89 Cadillac
Suicide Doors: Driver door
Misc: Buick side vents, 35x20 sliding ragtop
Performed By: Jim and Jimmy Neeld

Brand and Colors: PPG custom-mixed green metallic
Style: Single color
Pinstriping: Hood, tailgate, cab corners by Guys Graphics
Airbrushing: Rear driver-side bedside and interior by Mangy Graphics
Performed By: Jim Neeld (Owner's dad)

Seats: 1982 Toyota Celica
Material: Black and green tweed with green piping
Dash: Shaved and painted
Door Panels: Custom made fiberglass panels with skeletons
Center Console: Sheetmetal console molded to the dash
Flooring: Black carpet
Headliner: Black tweed
Gauges: Viar and Sun Pro
Performed By: Jim and Jimmy Neeld

Head Unit: CD/DVD 7" flip-out monitor
Mids & Highs: 5.25" Kicker
Performed By: Jimmy Neeld

Displacement: 231
Model/Year: Buick 1982 six-cylinder
Transmission: Turbo 350
Header/Exhaust: Custom dual exhaust
Driveshaft: Custom-made
Rearend Type: S-10
Battery: Two RedTop Optimas under rear of bed
Inner Fenders: Custom trailer fenders
Detail Work: Custom-made vacuum and brake lines
Performed By: Jim and Jimmy Neeld

Special Thanks From Owner
"I would like to thank my dad (Jim Neeld), Matt, RJ, Lee, Art, Timmy, Johnny Do-Nothing, Butcher Chuck, Mom and my fiancée Erin. Also special thanks to my club Twizted Intentions."