Nate Walker
Tulsa, OK
Relaxed Atmosphere
1998 Chevy S-10

Most people get their start on the low road from hanging out with friends or having a family member that they learn everything from.

For Nate Walker, growing up in the small town of Konawa, Oklahoma (you have to be an Okie to say these town names), he was the only one in town who was into minitrucks. One day while kicking it at the local hangout, Jimmie Broyle's Nissan cruised by (January 1998 feature truck "Snake in the Grass") and totally changed Nate's life forever. He always would tell everyone that he would have a truck like that and that his would be in the magazines someday, and everyone would always just look at him funny and say, "Boy, you can't haul hay in a truck like that."

Nate purchased his S-10 while he was attending college at Oklahoma State University, and even with all the hours of class, homework, and working a part-time job, he and his buddies were still able to 'bag the truck and bolt up a nice set of 18s to roll on. Now Nate was able to cruise Oklahoma City in style. He soon knew that just the air system wasn't enough to satisfy his custom cravings, but the lack of money was his biggest setback. So Nate did what any good student would do and got a student loan to finish up his ride in style! With cash in hand Nate's S-10 found its way to Wicked Racing and Customs where Eric French proceeded to overhaul Nate's Dime beginning with paint and body.

When Nate's truck was finally complete, sporting all the newest mods that anyone would be proud of, he took it to only one show and then it was put away in his garage for over a year while he had to buckle down and finish school. When Nate graduated the following year he received a job offer he couldn't refuse and had to move to Tulsa. He was unable to attend any shows for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually he worked hard enough to be able to dust off his S-10, do a few minor updates, and hit the show scene for his final coming-out party. He won tons of events and even took home a few Best Paint awards! But when we asked Nate what was the best part, he simply replied "The best part is about the shows - not the trophies, but getting to kick it with my second family and drink a few minitrucker lights."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! For more information on Nate's wicked Dime, check out the Lowdown.