The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
20-inch Pacers
Tires: Hankook Ventus Sport

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Type:
'Bags all around
Air/Hydro accessories: Engine-driven compressor
Frame mods: 3-inch C-notch
Performed By: Ted Yarborough

Body Modifications
Door handles, body lines, gas cap, side mirrors, repositioned front and rear license plates
Body Mods: 5-inch body drop and suicide doors operated by linear actuators
Front End: Custom grille, custom bumper, tilt forward hood operated by linear actuator, projector headlights
Rear End: Molded in tailgate, custom roll pan, recessed license plate, hidden gas cap
Taillights: 1978 Cadillac
Exterior bolt-ons: Motorcycle mirrors
Performed By: Ted Yarborough

Brand and Colors:
Dupont Dodge Blue
Performed By: Carl Dickinson
Dodge Spirit seats reupholstered in light blue tweed
Dash: Dark blue tweed with custom instruments and audiovisual components
Door panels: Custom fiberglass with blue and silver tweed upholstery
Center console: Custom fiberglass with dark blue tweed upholstery
Flooring: Dark blue carpet
Headliner: Light gray
Gauges: AutoMeter set in a custom panel
Performed By: Lee's

Head Unit:
Amplifiers: JL Monoblock 500-1
Speakers: Two Planet Audio 6X9 Mids and Highs, four JL Audio 12W1s
Additional Components: 7-inch monitor in the dashboard, 15-inch monitor
Performed By: Ted Yarborough

350ci Chevy V-8
Fuel Delivery: Edelbrock old-skool three two-barrel carbs
Intake: Edelbrock
Battery: Two Optima Yellow Tops
Performed By: Ted Yarborough

Special Thanks
Bobby would like to thank his Granddad, Ted Yarborough for creating his one-of-kind truck. Bobby hopes to follow in his footsteps and open a custom shop of his own one day.