The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
20x9 Foose Nitrous
Tires: 245/35ZR20

Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension:
2-inch drop spindles with Firestone 'bags
Rear Suspension: Four-link with under axle 'bag setup
Spindles: DJM 2-inch drop
Valves: Four GC250 1/2-inch
Compressors: Two Air Zenith
Air line: 1/2-inch copper
Air Accessories: Digital gauges custom-mounted in center console
Frame Mods: Front frame rails z'd for bodydrop
Frame material: 1/4-inch steel plate
Detail work: Candy red four-link parts
Performed by: Owner and Rick Macias

Body Modifications
Tailgate, door handles, antenna, gas filler door, molded front fenders, roll pan
Frenched: License plate on tailgate
Body Dropped: 33/4-inches
Taillights: Flush-mounted LED
Suicide doors: Suicide-Lambo
Hood Modifications: Hood cut for engine clearance on body drop
Misc: Upper door frames molded to the cab for an old-school hot -rod look
Performed by: Owner and Rick Macias

Brand and colors:
Ebony black and candy red with silver base
Pinstriping: Michael Cato, of SIC 713
Misc: Airbrushing designs carry from interior to outside of truck
Performed by: All in One, Rick Macias

Stock seats cut down and wrapped in black vinyl with red suede inserts
Material: Black vinyl with red suede inserts
Dash: Fully shaved, fiberglassed, and painted black with airbrushed candy red graphics
Door Panels: Fiberglassed with airbrushed candy red graphics
Center console: Custom fiberglass scorpion tail with spike spine
Flooring: Black custom carpet
Headliner: Black custom carpet
Gauges: Candy red with white face
Performed by: Owner over five long months

Head Unit:
Jenson in-dash TV VM9312
Mids & Highs: Pioneer and Kenwood 51/4-inch
Subwoofers: Three Quantum 12-inch subs with cut through into the cab
Amplifier for subwoofers: X File 1000-watt
Wiring/Accessories: Zero gauge
Video: 10-inch monitor fiberglassed into dash
Performed by: Owner

Engine Performance
Relocated for clearance
Battery: Two Optima
Detail work: Engine components custom painted
Performed by: Owner

Special Thanks by Owner
First, my girlfriend and our first child for letting me keep on building the truck, thanks to my dad for his motivation and help, as well as all my friends and family!