Owner: Johnny Allen
Ride: '85 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Mocksville, NC
Club: Outkast Kustoms

Johnny Allen, from Mocksville, North Carolina has always enjoyed personalizing his vehicles, making them stand out from the crowd.

During the day, he works in a manufacturing plant that creates rubber products for NASCAR. But come evening time, he has a thriving customizing business, building hot rods, installing air suspension systems, and doing paintwork for customers. His current truck is not only a rolling calling card for the business, but it actually created the business.

Learning from previous customs, Johnny bought his '85 S-10 Extended Cab, knowing that he would need extra room for all the planned changes. The process began with 'bagging and body-dropping the truck 33/4 inches. The new look was dramatic, especially after the custom interior was installed. On the right track, but knowing a lot more was required to be competitive, he tackled the rear of the truck, eliminating the stock chassis rails and creating a new back half using two-inch round tubing. Sheetmetal was used to skin the inside of the bed, and it was protected with Rhino Liner and was painted later to match the truck. A cantilevered, triangulated four-link provided a huge 16 inches of lift. The rear looked so good and drew so much attention, that Johnny created a tubular engine cage up front as well. Dropped BellTech spindles got the truck on the ground while Firestone 'bags with Black Max valves, 3/8-inch air lines, all supplied by a CO2 bottle, gets the Dime back to drive height.

In order to get the exterior to look as good as the frame, Johnny shaved everything on the outside, smoothing the tailgate and firewall, suiciding the doors, then adding a rag top and 8-inch LED taillights. When the body modifications were complete, Johnny loaded up the spray gun with Bright Tangerine Orange and painted the truck himself. The billet grille hides the orange fog lights used as headlights. The instruments were concealed in the dash and the door handles or window controls have been hidden as well. Dash, doors, and center console were treated to flamed upholstery panels along with the Honda bucket seats. The completed Dime is not only a regular show winner but now it's also a great advertisement for his business.

The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 20x8 Eagle 221
Tires (Front/Rear): Nitto Neo Gen 225/35R20

Chassis Modifications
Front Suspension: Modified to lay on twenties
Rear suspension: Triangulated cantilever four-link
Airbag type and size: (Front/Rear): Firestone 2500
Spindles/Springs: BellTech 2-inch drop spindles
Valves: Eight 1/2-inch Black Max
Air Source: CO2 Tank
Frame mods: Tubular rear frame
Frame Material: 2-inch round stock
Gas Tank: 8-Gallon
Detail work: Frame painted BASF Metallic Silver
Performed By: Johnny Allen and Randy Davis

Body Modifications
Shaved: Antenna, door handles, mirrors, gas door, cab seams, body lines, firewall, taillights, wiper cowl, pinch molding, and tailgate
Body Dropped: 3 1/4-inch traditional
Front end: Billet grille, '69 Camaro hood scoop, smoothed factory bumper
Back end: Full length skin with LED taillights
Suicide doors: 90-degree with Bear Claw latches
Miscellaneous: 36x36-inch ragtop
Performed By: Johnny Allen

Brand and Colors: BASF Bright Tangerine Orange
Performed By: Johnny Allen

Seats: Honda Civic with headrests removed
Material: Salt and pepper tweed
Dash: Tweed with orange leather flames
Door panels: Tweed with orange leather flames
Center console: Sheet metal and fiberglass
Headliner: Salt and pepper tweed
Misc: Billet steering wheel, shift knob, and window cranks, tubular CO2 rack
Performed By: Owner & Country Classic Interiors

Fuel Delivery: Holley 4-Barrel
Intake: Edelbrock Torker II, powder coated chrome
Driveshaft: Shortened
Battery: Behind subs in the cab
Detail Work: Smoothed inner fender panels and engine room painted to match
Performed By: Johnny Allen
City/state: Mocksville, North Carolina

Special Thanks by owner
Thanks to my wonderful wife, Amber for her support, my buddies that helped me at my shop, Country Classic interiors, O'Reilly's paint department, and Outkast Kustoms.