Head unit:
Panasonic DVD CD player
Mids and highs: Two sets of Audiobahn 5-1/4-inch components
Subwoofers: Four 12-inch Audiobahn
Amplifier for subs: Two mono A8000V Audiobahn amps
Wiring/accessories: Stinger wiring kit
Custom fabrication: Fiberglass speaker box and amp rack, fiberglass rack for the pair of chrome 3-gallon air tanks behind the seats, also covered in vinyl
Performed by: Owner Shon Reece and Jason Miles at Diverse Customs.
City/state: Easley, South Carolina

4.3 Vortech
Intake: Edelbrock painted silver
Header/exhaust: Custom-built headers
Ignition: Accel 8mm plug wires, yellow
Battery: Optima
Location: Under the hood
Detail work: Painted block green to match the outside
Performed by: Don and his son at their shop in Kentucky

Special Thanks From Owner:
To my wonderful wife Talia and my kids Sebastian, Zasia, Storm, and Raven. Yes, that's right, I have four wonderful kids. Also, I would like to thank them all for letting me be away from home to get it done. Jason Miles, once again, for the awesome work on the graphics and all the other work he helped me on with the build, and to Justin Spence for all his help. Also, to Andres for the help and Don and his son for the motor work in Kentucky.