For this year's Construction Zone Special, we decided to pay homage to some of the coolest garage-built rides around by giving them more than just a single page of glory! Check out what some of the coolest under-construction rides look like from around the world, and use this as motivation to go cut on your own garage-built rides. Maybe we'll see your ride in these very pages soon enough.

Owner: Travis "Wayne" Montgomery
Ride: Chevy S-10
Hometown: York, South Carolina
Club: Pebble Pushers

Wheels/Tires: 20x8-1/2-inchBonspeed Lagunas with Nitto Tire NT555 245/35zr20s

Suspension/Chassis: RE72 SlamSpecialties 'bags, Pete and Jake's four-link, and Hellbent valves 1/2-inch

Body Modifications: All shaved, cab moved back 1 inch to center front wheels and close the bed gap, sheetmetal bed, and SFBD from firewall back using 3-1/4-inch tube

Interior: Sheetmetal floor and transmission tunnel, shop stereo and air guitar, BAD steering wheel, stainless tilt column, and billet accessories

Miscellaneous: Built to pop a wheelie, 350 V-8 bored .40 over, three cams, all billet, and a reverse-spline water pump with pulley bypass sensor

Special Thanks By Owner: Dad and Grandpa for the help, tools, and use of the shop, Brandon Shuler, Rusty, and Dale Earnhardt

Future Plans: Leather interior, paint, and I can't tell the rest

Project Completion Date: Blooddrag 2008