The Lowdown
(S-10 Blazer)
Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 18-inch Alba Blaze
Backspace (Front/Rear): +21 mm
Tires (Front/Rear): 215/35R18 Continental Extremes

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Suspension (Front): Modified stock, plated frame and lower arm to accept 'bags without cups
Suspension (Rear): Three-link
Airbag/cylinder type and size: (Front): Firestone 2500s (Rear): F9000 sleeve
Control arms: Chromed, modified stock
Spindles: Belltech
Shocks: KYB gr2s
Valves: Eight Parker Golds
Compressors: Two AIM DC5000s
Air line: 3/8 -inch stainless hard line
Air accessories: KP gauges
Frame mods: C-notched
Frame material: 1/4-inch plate
Gas tank: Polished, new replacement tank
Brakes: Wilwood dual-piston fronts painted to match, stock rears painted
Detail work: Frame smoothed and painted
Misc.: Full frame-off, every piece painted, powdercoated, chromed, and ceramic-coated, every bolt is chrome, all stainless brakes and air lines
Performed by: Mike Amborn
City/state: Portland, Oregon

Body Modifications
Shaved: Wipers, squirters, body seams, roof rack, body moldings, door handles, locks, antenna, emblems, and heater vents in the wiper cowl
Frenched: License-plate box in rear gate
Body-dropped: Traditional 5-inch
Front end: Updated to a '93 GMC with a billet grille
Back end: Hand-rolled roll pan, by Phil Amborn
Taillights: Stock clears
Exterior bolt-ons: '93 Blazer rear glass
Performed by: Mike Amborn, Phil Amborn, and Gary Hoops
City/state: Portland, Oregon

Brand and colors: Sherwin Williams
Style: Two-toned
Misc.: Two-tone line follows throughout all the jambs and on the firewall
Performed By: Mike Amborn and Joe Canady
City/State: Portland, Oregon

Seats: '99 Escort chopped down, headrests removed, widened, and foam added
Material: Tan leather
Dash: Fiberglass one-off
Door panels: Fiberglassed smooth with '88 Integra arm rests, smoothed, and painted
Center console: Modified '92 Bravada
Flooring: Mercedes-Benz Black long wool
Headliner: Tan leather
Gauges: None. Who needs gauges, anyway?!
Misc.: Upper half was smoothed and painted white, lower half all tan leather
Performed by: Mike Amborn, Brandon Lenzi, and Rob Couch
City/state: Portland, Oregon

Head unit: Kenwood DVD 6017
Mids and highs: Two Kicker SS8s, four Kicker SS6s, four Kicker R19 tweets
Amplifier for mids and highs: Kicker 800.4 for 6s and 1s, and Kicker 500.2 for 8s
Subwoofers: Eight 12-inch Kicker Comp subs
Amplifier for subwoofers: Two modified 2252s for comp use
Wiring/accessories: All Kicker
Video: Four 7-inch Worldstar widescreens
Custom fabrication: One-off dash, door panels, and sub box
Misc.: More than four months in design and building of just the dash and box
Performed by: Mike Amborn and Brandon Lenzi
City/state: Portland, Oregon

Displacement:'83 Camaro 3.041 V-6
Head type: Stock, forged pistons, and balances lower end
Ported/polished: Yes
Camshaft: Com cams high lift
Transmission: '92 Firebird 100r4, all corvette internals built by Phil Amborn
Intake: Ported stock, milled off an inch for hood clearance
Header/exhaust: Ported stock
Ignition: MSD blaster
Driveshaft: Painted stock
Rearend type: Eaton Posi with 308 gears
Battery: Two Kinetik 2000s under amp rack
Detail work: Long-block painted, every parts that's bolted to the block was painted, ceramic-coated, or chromed
Misc.: Machine work by Lyons Machine in Beaverton Dynode at 305.7
Performed by: Mike Amborn
City/state: Portland, Oregon

Special Thanks By Owner:
To everyone who helped me, this was built by friends in a garage during 2-year's time, this truck has helped me find life-long friends.