Minitruckers are a crazy bunch, we're also a broke bunch. Most of us can't finish one truck, but Michael Amborn managed to finish two at the same time. His buddy, Ron Perkins, really put it best when he said, "Most minitruckers don't have 20 cents in their pockets, but Mike Amborn has it in his garage."

The Blazer is the more modified of the two trucks and the gem of the collection. With a full frame-off build, it packs a punch. It's come a long way from being lifted on 31-inch tires with fender flares. Now, it sits flat on the ground, thanks to the 5-inch body-drop. Every aspect of this truck has been modified to make it truly outstanding. Some of the details that really stand out underneath is the attention to detail, such as the all-stainless lines. On the outside, all of the traditional stuff has been shaved and a clean paintjob was added. Michael told us that this time around the build took about two and a half years. This time referred to all of the changes the Blazer had gone through. Sometimes changes came because of thieves, and everybody hates thieves. With several brake-ins under its belt, the truck has seen its fair share of hardships.

If a really cool Blazer wasn't enough in the garage, Mike decided to add a matching square-body Dime to his collection. The Dime is his daily driver and was built in three months. Mike built these trucks with a ton of help from a bunch of friends. And to Mike, the friends he made along the way were the best experiences of both builds. This truck has been hit by a drunk driver, had a tree fall on it, and even had the bed ripped off at a construction site. Nobody said it was easy being a minitrucker, but with 20 cents in the garage, it definitely makes it cooler.