Juan Gomez picked up his new GMC at the dealer and soon found himself cruising the streets of Bryan, Texas, in a new truck with custom wheels. One day while driving around, a young boy came up to Juan and told him that his truck looked like one of those trucks in the magazines. This would change Juan's outlook on his truck and the plans he had for it, because at that moment, Juan swore he would turn his Sonoma into a show truck to be proud of.

And so it started. It took three years, but he got it to what you see here. Juan took his time, because he knew it was important to do things right the first time. Rushing only leads to problems, which will result in having to do work over again and Juan knew that. It wasn't easy. And it was especially hard for Juan when he saw his truck taken apart for eight months. It was just a frame and a cab lying around, but Juan knew he was working on the truck in the correct order.

Juan started by shaving all the panels and removing any unwanted obstacles, such as handles, squirters, and so on. He then 'bagged it with help and then moved on to the paint. Painting the truck wouldn't be as easy as you would think, however. Juan says the paint was so transparent that getting it to match evenly was a pain in the rear.

In the end, things worked out and the outcome was worth the hassle. Juan also said that none of this would have been possible without the support of his fiance; she's the one who really motivated him in his build and in life. "If it wasn't for her and Mike, I would have never picked up a paint gun or an air brush gun, so thanks to both of them," said Juan.